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How true the old saying continues to ring true, even in the modern world of integrative medicine. As more research and clinical applications of nutritional-based therapies gain the public’s attention, it has become obvious the foods we eat are playing a crucial role in our own health.

Food has a direct impact not only on digestion, but also in areas seemingly unrelated, such as Cardiology, Immunology, Neurology, Rheumatology, Endocrinology and even Psychiatry.

The ongoing work and evidence-based research done in functional medicine begins with diet modification, and more specifically, by “eliminating” certain food groups felt to be “pro-inflammatory” for the body. The more inflammation the body has to contend with, the worse off the patient’s health may become over time. An “anti-inflammatory” diet is the solution to this, and the Institute of Functional Medicine recommends eliminating problematic foods to determine whether or not these are acting as “pro-inflammatory” foods. Examples include wheat gluten, cow dairy, soy, corn, and sugar.

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