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Regenerative Joint Therapy (Prolotherapy)

Is prolotherapy right for you?

Regenerative joint therapy [prolotherapy] is a natural non-surgical method that helps the body heal injured or weakened joints, ligaments, and tendons. The standard technique involves a series of precisely placed injections using dilute sugar solutions [dextrose or mannitol]. As tendons and ligaments strengthen, pain is alleviated and mobility is restored.

Platelet Rich Plasma Prolotherapy [PRPP] utilizes the patient’s own plasma rich in protein growth factors to increase a natural healing mechanism of action.

Neural Therapy employs dilute solutions of dextrose that are injected just under the skin. This technique is very effective in treating regional pain problems often caused by injury to local regional nerves from trauma.

These techniques can help reduce pain from arthritis, tendonitis, and bursitis.

If you have persisting pain or limited movement, restorative joint therapy [prolotherapy] and neural therapy may be options for you.

Dextrose or Plasma (PRP)?

When deciding on the best choice of injection solutions, the area[s] being treated and the nature of the injury may dictate which prove to be the optimal choice.

Prolotherapy Resources


My colleague, Dr. Jose Barreto, MD produced an informative video explanation of how prolotherapy works:

It is such a rare pleasure and gift to have such a well educated and balanced doctor and human being in our midst. The combination of skills with attention to my specific health issues is so appreciated, especially in these challenging times.

N. Autumn

After years of lower back pain, varies back pain issues, and heel bruises, Dr. Etges’s Accupunture has finally helped me feel hopeful that I can resume exercise and fitness at the level I want. He shares his knowledge and insights as we go so I am well informed while getting relief. I believe he is the ONLY doctor who ever addressed all of the comments I wrote on my (very extensive) intake exam. That alone was extraordianary. He has a professional demeanor and at the same time he’s quirky and relaxed, making me feel confident in his skills which is important since I’d never had someone insert needles in me before!
I cannot say enough good things about his attention to detail and ongoing professionalism in his practice. I’m glad I found him and look forward to many years of medical excellence in his practice.

K. Bothman

Dr. Etges is such a kind and caring soul. During my first appointment with him, he spoke with me for about an hour or hour and a half. When is the last time a doctor spent that much time with you? I also love that he can treat people using different modalities, for example, functional medicine, Chinese medicine, or traditional western medicine. His acupuncture is the best, and he will do everything he can to get you on the right path.

C. Kneifl

Dr. Etges is a gifted and compassionate doctor. I appreciate the way he listens to my needs and develops a unique approach to deal with whatever problem I am struggling with.

C. Kline

What a joy to have someone that I could communicate with, who took the time with me to treat me as a whole person and not just a set of symptoms.

A. Baron

I have known Tom for a few years, but first saw him after a car accident. Through acupuncture, Tom was able treat issues in my back that neither massage nor chiropractic treatments were able to. I highly recommend him.

A. Lake

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