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Nutritional-based Therapies

How nutritional-based therapies can help you

The importance of a balanced patient-specific diet is common to both Eastern and Western medicine. Evaluating a patient’s nutritional status shifts the traditional disease-centered focus of medical care to one that is more patient-centered, addressing the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. Dr. Etges works together with his patients, exploring the interactions of genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors that can influence long-term health and influence complex chronic disease processes.

Patient Centered Care: Promoting health as a positive source of vitality, above and beyond the definition of the absence of disease.

Science-Based Healthcare: Focusing more on “upstream” causes of illness, and exploring the patient’s history, physiology and lifestyle.

Integrating Medical Disciplines: Integrating traditional Western medical practices with “alternative” or “complementary” medicine, creating a focus on prevention through nutrition, exercise and diet. This approach may use laboratory testing and diagnostic techniques, leading to a combination of Western medications with herbal medications, supplements and therapeutic diet plans to meet the patient’s goals.

I have known Tom for a few years, but first saw him after a car accident. Through acupuncture, Tom was able treat issues in my back that neither massage nor chiropractic treatments were able to. I highly recommend him.

A. Lake

It is such a rare pleasure and gift to have such a well educated and balanced doctor and human being in our midst. The combination of skills with attention to my specific health issues is so appreciated, especially in these challenging times.

N. Autumn

Dr. Etges is a gifted and compassionate doctor. I appreciate the way he listens to my needs and develops a unique approach to deal with whatever problem I am struggling with.

C. Kline

What a joy to have someone that I could communicate with, who took the time with me to treat me as a whole person and not just a set of symptoms.

A. Baron

“Dr. Etges offers the best of Integrative Medicine on many levels. Having a doctor I trust to oversee my autoimmune condition is in itself, ‘good medicine’. Qualities I admire: compassion, competence, enthusiasm for cutting-edge knowledge, honesty and humility.”

B. Ingersoll

It is rare to find a doctor with the experience, compassion and wisdom that you will find in Dr. Tom Etges. I have used a number of acupuncturists for severe back pain and Dr. Etges is by far the best. His knowledge of medicine made it easy for him to understand the issues and support the work of my other medical providers.

D. Ernst

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